Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting your Mindset and Family's Mindset into the Frugal Lifestyle Champion Change

In our previous post, we tackled few of the top reasons why people should consider living as a frugal lifestyle champion. So let’s get started with a couple things you will need to do to get you and your family geared and ready to go for your new “frugal” way of life or to live as a frugal lifestyle champion.

  • You need to get you and your family’s minds on the same level. Getting you and your family’s mindset for frugal living depends a great deal in whether or not you will succeed in your ventures to living a fugal lifestyle. Realize that this doesn’t have to be looked upon as a nightmare that no family should ever be forced to live with, ensure your family that they will see changes in a positive manner.

Many people find it hard to gear their children into the frugal mindset or quite frankly a spoiled adult used to living like the “Joneses.”  We promise you the “Joneses’” have a significant amount of debt also to go with their lavish lifestyle and trying to keep up with them will only lead you into more debt (Have you ever wondered why banks have drive through windows? This is so the bank manager can see the car they own as you drive through). All of you need to be on the same page when it comes to how the income of the family should be disbursed and in what amounts.  There will be a need to set limits, not necessarily like a prison sets forth, but manageable ones that decrease the amount of money being spent daily.
  • You need to express to your family what an advantage you will all have by living as a frugal lifestyle champion and how you can still get the fun and enjoyment out of life without spending MORE money doing it. Getting your family to cooperate and practice a frugal lifestyle is your main goal in making your efforts really make a change in your money and how much you have left over after all of your necessities are paid for (cable tv, snacks, going to the theater, etcetera are not necessities as some like to believe) . 

  • You can also give your family a practical goal that comes with a reward in the end. A good suggestion would be after six months to a year living as a frugal lifestyle champion, you take a vacation for your efforts. You can also go on vacation "frugally" (which we will go more into detail later on), but this is a great incentive to start living the fugal lifestyle or as a frugal lifestyle champion.

Many families find that although their original lifestyle and spending habits are altered, some find themselves still acquiring the “nice” things they need as well as the entertainment and enjoyment of life by still getting to do fun things the “frugal” way.  Once you have you and your family’s mindset on the same level and are working as a team to make things possible and successful, you are ready to start living as “frugally lifestyle champion!"

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  1. I would love to have all of my family on the same page when it comes to how we do things. I agree that the kids are the toughest to get on that saving money page.. they want everything and anything that is advertised to them on tv. I'm not even a big tv watcher but this past Christmas season I repeatedly begged them to simply tell me what it is that they DON'T want lol.