Monday, February 24, 2014


A healthy lifestyle can save you allot of money in the future from possible doctor visits.

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Set a rule for yourself that any time you are going up and down fewer than five floors, you take the stairs.
  • If you take the bus, train, or subway to work or school, don’t board it at the closest stop to your home. Instead, make it a habit to walk to a stop twenty to thirty minutes away.

  • If it is practical, ride your bike to work instead of taking a car or other transportation. If this is not practical, ride your bike or walk on errands or when going to the market.

  • Leave your car parked at the farthest end of a parking lot and walk vigorously to your destination. Walk completely around a mall before you start shopping.

  • Next time you have to drive the kids to work, band practice, or Little League, walk them there instead.

  • Set your alarm fifteen minutes early each day and take a short walk to a special place near your home.


Carl Dreizler and Mary E. Ehemann
From “52 Ways to Lose Weight