Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Shop as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion

One of your first steps to transforming your lifestyle into a “frugal lifestyle champion" is by changing your shopping patterns. There are many different ways for you to change the way you shop and come out with more money left in your wallet. 

Here are a few tips and suggestions that you may consider in shopping as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion.....

Plan Your Shopping Trip & STICK TO IT--- Many frugal families have found that taking one shopping trip a week cuts down on their living expenses as well as your gas expenses also. 
  • Keep a list on the refrigerator where members of your family can jot down “necessary” things that they need. 
  • Then on the set day, go through your list thoroughly and make sure that you have all of your necessities that are needed for the next week. 
  • You also need to plan your route to the different places that you will be shopping at. This can also help out on the amount of gas used to travel to each destination.  

Use Coupons As Much As Possible--- Coupons are very easy to find and let save you some money each week on common household items as well as food products. Your weekly newspaper most commonly comes out with a set of coupons each week that you can cut out and use for your next shopping trip. Coupons are a great way to start living as a frugal lifestyle champion and should be used each time you plan to go on a shopping trip for grocery and retail items...saving you MORE money at the checkout counter!

Use Wholesale Membership Clubs--- Wholesale membership clubs are places that you can buy items both grocery and retail items in bulk, saving you both time on shopping trips and money. Wholesale membership clubs is a great way to save money on everyday items that use which can be purchased in mass quantity at a lower rate than you would pay for the items individually. Although most of your wholesale clubs require you to pay a small membership fees you also receive additional benefits to being a member such as discounts on items such as store items, gas, tires, and much, much more.
For many people having an additional freezer in their garage or spare utility room and stocking up on frozen foods is a great way to buy items in quantity and using them for the whole month. You will be surprised at how much you save by using this method of shopping as a frugal lifestyle champion!!!

Use Secondhand Stores to Your Advantage--- Some people find themselves flocking towards thrift stores for many household items as well as clothing items. What people don’t realize is that many of the secondhand thrift stores are not just items that were previously used by others, but they also carry items used from retail stores after certain seasons are over. 
Many of your retail stores will have an overstock of items and at the end of the season will not sell their entire inventory; therefore they sell them at an incredibly low rate to secondhand shops.  So a lot of the times secondhand thrift shops will carry items that have not ever been worn or used and most to all still have the price tags still attached. Many of the items are even name brand products that you are purchasing for a fraction of the retail price.

Furniture outlets and upscale furniture stores also do the same thing as retail sellers. When an item as reflected as an “old” item and they still have tons of the same items in inventory, they too will sell the inventory to secondhand thrift shops for an amazingly low price. Many people are too embarrassed to shop at thrift shops for fear of their reputation being labeled as the “lower” class.  Our thoughts on this particular subject are quite frank, “How are people going to know where you purchased the items or clothing unless you tell them?” 
Like we have said before many top brand and names are sold in secondhand thrift shops and in excellent to “new” condition. So why not take advantage of the low prices and save yourself barrels of money that you would be spending for the same brands and items elsewhere?

Buy Generic vs. Name Brand Items--- To live as a frugal lifestyle champion, you should consider buying some generic items such as ketchup or shampoos, etc. -- however we are NOT suggesting you buy items that are inferior or do not meet your standards but as you know there are some things that you can get with a generic label which are "quality". 
This is one of the easiest ways to live cheaper and save you more money on common household items and food products. 
Many of top stores are beginning to create their own brands to some of your favorite items at of course a fraction of the price for the same name brand items, like Wal-Mart’s “Great Value” brand or Puregold's generic items, etc.. 
Retailers such as those we mentioned above have set their own brand new trend providing the same quality products as their name brand competitors. Spending your hard earned money on generic brand products will definitely show you a valuable savings at the cash register! So make sure you shop generic on all of your items for your household and your food products.

Do Your Very Own Comparison Shopping--- Research and find the lowest price possible for an item that you use daily, weekly, or even monthly. Where you might find one item cheaper at one place than another, the next week it may be the opposite way around.  So make sure that you keep a close eye on items that you purchase frequently to make sure that you are getting the best deal around!

Try Online Shopping--- Like we mentioned before, you can find many great deals on the same items that you would find in stores right from the convenience of your own home.  The best part is you can find many items online for cheaper than you would normally find at your local grocer or retail store and can even find special coupons and code redemptions to help you save even more! 

Although you have to pay for shipping most of the time, there are other cases where retailers and other sites offer free shipping when you have spent a certain amount at their site. This can also save you some money because now not only you are getting the discounted rate but you are also saving gas and shipping rates! What could be better than that!  Many families have found this to be a very affordable and “frugal” way of life and find that there is more money in their pocket as well in the end! 

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING - Avoid Impulse Purchases --- And last but certainly not least, you need to avoid impulse purchases at all times. Many people will find themselves wandering the isles of retail stores and grocers and find an item that they feel that just “have to” have. This is where mind control works into your play. 
You have to be able to tell yourself, “No!”  If this is not an item that is in your budget or that is not a “necessity” then you simply need to walk away from the item. 

Now there will be instances where you have a substantial amount of cash set back that you can treat yourself to a "small item" every once in a while. Granted that this is not an expensive item that is. Remember your goals and keep your frugal mindset in mind at all times when you are shopping. 
After a while of living as a frugal lifestyle champion you will find it easier and impulse purchases become a thing of the past!  Remember and keep in mind that you are living cheaper now so that you can live "richer" later!

Shopping for everyday household items and groceries doesn’t have to be a "wallets worst nightmare" every time you ring up your items at the checkout. Using these helpful tips and suggestion when changing your lifestyle to a frugal lifestyle champion can greatly help not only your savings for your future or debt, but also helps keep more money in your pocket than you have ever imagined!  Trust us… stick with these strategies and you will see the difference on your next shopping trip for both you and your family!    


  1. This article has a lot of useful information, but the part about refraining from impulse purchases is absolutely critical to being frugal. It is so easy to save money and live frugally for 3.5 weeks out of a month, but if one day you impulse purchase a new TV you can destroy your monthly budget in one fell swoop; and all the hard work you did earlier is no longer worth it.

    One time in school I made the impulse purchase of a brand new computer because I was jealous my friends had nicer systems than myself, and after 3 months when they all had something newer and better already I caught myself falling victim to the rat race (in fact I still use that computer to this day!)

  2. Hi Luke Breisen,

    Thank you for making this article informative to you.

    Dave & Bella

  3. This is a great article! I already do some of these things but there are several others that I had not thought of. I was thrilled a couple of years ago to find out how many great and new Christmas gifts there were at the thrift store. I had been afraid to shop there myself before and I really should go do it more often. I am usually pretty good about buying generic brands at the grocery store. There are a few kind of gross generic items that I won't do but for the most part they are usually pretty decent. I do need to work on searching out coupons and sales more often though.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Keep on reading our posts for more info. Thank you for your time. Have a good day!

      Frugal Lifestyle Champions

  4. 2 thumbs up! 100% right!. Very informative article and I am pretty sure this would help to all the Queen of the Family. They are the one who is handling the budget. ha ha.

    1. Hi Sis Maybel,

      We hope that we were able to help you through this post. Have a good day!

      Frugal Lifestyle Champions