Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reasons to Consider Living as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion

Like we’ve said before, there are many people that are opting in to living as a frugal lifestyle champion for many reasons.  Let’s talk about these reasons why you too may want to consider living as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion...

  • Job Loss – many people in this day in time have suffered from a job loss. With all the uncertain twists and turns of the economy around the globe (nearly in a recession), businesses and big corporations are closing their doors at neck-breaking speeds to many of their locations, leaving thousands upon thousands of people without a job or an income for their family. A person that suffers from a job loss is virtually forced into living frugally and find that living as a frugal lifestyle champion allows them the time to find another job and not lose everything that they have worked hard to earn. 

  • Debt Reliefeveryone, in some shape of form, has debt, whether it is educational debt, loan debt, medical debt, or credit card debt, to name a few.  As we all know debt can start out small and in little to no time at all can grow to be a hefty chunk of debt (interest) barreling over your shoulders. For many people their first option is to run to the nearest loan office to retrieve yet another debt only to pay off their old debt. When you think about it, this really makes no sense and doesn’t clear you of any debt it only piles more debt up and more worry on your mind.  Why not start living the frugal lifestyle and start slowly watching your debt fall until there is no more?

  • Retirement - this is a big reason people are finding themselves transforming into as a frugal lifestyle champion. Many companies don’t offer a retirement plan and if you are self-employed you are also faced with creating your own retirement fund -- YIKES! Therefore transforming your lifestyle as a frugal lifestyle champion allows you to keep the extra money you need to put back for a retirement plan. Many people don’t think about a retirement plan, especially if they are young, they simply use every cent of their money on living expenses, leisure and fun, and other cash throwing away methods, not thinking about what they will live off of when they become older and unable to work. 
  • This is very easy to do and without the extra money to set-up a retirement plan, people simply put the whole thought on the back burner, until of course they get to retirement age and realize that they can’t retire because they have no funds to fall back on. Living as a frugal lifestyle champion now however, can help you start your very own retirement plan for the future.

  • Low Income or Little to No Pay Raisesliving as a frugal lifestyle champion has also become very popular amongst those who work minimum wage jobs or simply have a job where raises are never mentioned or given.  This is another instance where people are virtually forced to live frugally. However, living as a frugal lifestyle champion can also help them a great deal in relieving stress due to not having the money necessary to pay their everyday expenses and still give them the money to enjoy life as they should while pay for their everyday expenses with leisure. Living as a frugal lifestyle champion for low income families has become what many would call a trend that even the richest of families are tapping into in this day and time.

Those are just a few of the top reasons why many people are striving to become frugal lifestyle champions, but there are many reasons why a person should consider living as a frugal lifestyle champion. For whatever reason, obviously you are interested in learning how you and your family can start living a frugal lifestyle to help you with living a richer lifestyle tomorrow. 
Please place your suggestions below in the comment section how you are living a frugal lifestyle -- your input, tips and advise is very much welcomed and can possibly enhance someone's life and/or save them from total ruin/depression.


  1. In order to convince myself to start living the frugal life, I looked at my job situation.

    I was earning $30,000 a year and spending around $10,000 on necessities and $18,000 on things I didn't need. Once I realized that if I started "pretending" like I was only earning $20,000 per year, I would automatically save an extra $10,000 and still be able to spend a little money on fun things.

    Now, if I am ever faced with losing my job I have more than enough saved up to maintain my lifestyle for years to come!

  2. I think these are all great reasons.. I would say that I have heard that the people with lots of money to do the things they want to do all of the time are the people that know how to live frugally. I haven't given all that much thought to living frugally before but I always wished I had more money for things like investments and larger more worth while investments. I think it's time I learn this skill.