Monday, February 10, 2014

Plan Your Shopping Trip & STICK TO IT

How to Shop as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion

Plan Your Shopping Trip & STICK TO IT

How do you plan your shopping trip? Is it crucial that you plan your shopping trip before going out of the door? My answer is YES! 

There are many ways to plan your shopping trip and go out from the store with a BIG smile on your face knowing that you saved time and money.  If you are a MOM or a wife or a student or a person who wants to learn shopping and save money and time from shopping, this might be helpful to you.

Every time you go shopping, you need a LIST. This list will make your shopping trip focused thus you will save time and money. 

To get this LIST, tell the members of your family to write down the things they needed for the next week and post it in the refrigerator. Like for example, if you have students and they will have a project to make next week (usually the teacher will give them a list of materials), this will be helpful to you so you will not be cramping out that day to buy those materials.
Then on the set day, go through your list thoroughly and make sure that you have all of your necessities that are needed for the next week and STICK TO IT.

While in the store, avoid buying things which are NOT on the list. You will end up spending money on unnecessary things wandering aimlessly around the store buying the things you don’t need thus wasting your money and time.

You also need to plan your route to the various places that you will be going to shop. This can also help out on the amount of gas used to travel to each destination. 

Looking at your list, you decide which store you should go that will have a better price or go to a store where the things you needed to buy are available so you don’t go in circles jumping from one store to another.

If in the first store you went to they don’t have the things you needed, you can ask the store personnel and get (give) you a recommendation so you will know where else to go to find what you needed. This will save you time and gas thus saving money.

You can also alleviate the spending of gas altogether by choosing to purchase your necessities online.  Some people find this more convenient and sometimes you can find better deals and coupons when choosing to shop online.

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