Monday, February 10, 2014

Comparison Shopping

How to Shop as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion

Do Your Very Own Comparison Shopping

We were looking for an iron --- with steam and spray. We started looking around and price shopping. Our target was to go to three stores in a mall and compare the prices of the iron we were looking for.

Note: We were looking for an iron with steam and spray (whatever the brand did not matter as long as we "think" it is in good quality and it is a cheaper price)---- that's the goal.

First store stop---3 different brands 2 unknown brands and one known brand. The same features. The other unknown brand is the one I really liked because it's heavy but it's so expensive. So we decided to look around more.

We went to another store. There we found one remaining iron with the features we were really looking for. It's a lot cheaper and well it's a known brand and heavier. (I like a heavy iron because it can press the fabric easily) I said to my lovey dovey (David Breth) ;-) one more store to go then we will decide which iron to invest in.

Usually during the month of January the stores have many New Year sales. But this time their irons were not on sale! Anyway.... From the last store stop we decided.....FINALLY....to buy  the iron from the second store! It was the best deal that we can get!!! Why? It has the features we are looking for plus it is the cheapest one plus it has one year warranty!!!

So you see... What I am trying to portray here is being frugal. Do not rush to buy things! Research where to find stuff and get a BETTER DEAL!!! By doing this you save money. Yes it takes time but it's worth it!!!

Do you have any FRUGAL STORIES? Please SHARE below in the comment section!! We want to hear your story....

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