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How to Prepare Healthy Meals For Your Family Without Mortgaging Your House Just To Pay The Grocery Bill

How to Prepare Healthy Meals For Your Family

Without Mortgaging Your House Just To Pay The Grocery Bill

Frugal lifestyle champion Recipes ideas

Living frugally signifies changing some aspects of your lifestyle to some less expensive and a lot more reasonably priced techniques. This is with food also. The top way to eat healthy and be frugal at the same time is to make your meals span out within a 2-3 day time period.

Listed throughout our blog are a number of the most delicious recipes that can have you stretching your meals  ....... giving you financial savings and a lot more free time also.

3 Day Lip-Smacking Roasts - Roasts are often large time income savers because you are able to generate numerous meals with them.
Sunday night = Cook a roast and serve vegetables with it.

Monday night = Just take the leftover roast you made Sunday night and slice it into small pieces. Now include a can of cream of mushroom, sour cream, and a few broad egg noodles and you have very easily created a delicious home-style beef stroganoff.

Tuesday night = You get your remaining leftover roast and cut it into little slices, place into a mixing bowl then include soy sauce, a bit of garlic, and 2-3 eggs ....... now place into a wok or frying pan and stir on stove until the eggs cook (scramble), and you have acquired yourself a night of Chinese style beef (add some rice into the wok or pan too and you have created Chinese style beef fried rice)!

Make a bit of rice as your side dish an wa-la!

Also, if you take leftover portions of the roast beef and cut it into strips, add barbeque sauce and you now have pulled-pork sandwiches that the complete family will love!

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  1. This reminds me of something my grandma taught me when I was first going to live on my own. She said that the secret to people who don't eat out every night and always seem to have food cooked, was that many will prepare all of their food for the next week or two weeks ahead of time (for me, this is every other Sunday); cooking everything and freezing or refrigerating it.

    This way, once it is time to eat, there is no long process of cooking, cleaning etc. You just need to grab your container, warm it up, and you have a great, tasty homemade meal in front of you ready to go.

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  3. This is great! Sounds delicious too! When I saw your video in the more recent post about eating healthy for less money I kind of thought to myself "yeah right" lol... but I do have to say you have me hungry right about now!

    1. Eating healthy food will not cost that much!
      Thank you Jessica Edwards for the comment.

      Frugal Lifestyle Champions

  4. My Mom used to tell me "when you get married and have children you should learn how to save left over foods especially meat" . I think that was High School years.

    1. As long as it is stored properly, it will be good enough for another meal!
      We appreciate your comment...

      Thank you,

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