Sunday, December 29, 2013

Frugal Lifestyle Champion

Living as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion

Many people around the globe realize that choosing to live a frugal lifestyle allows them to have more money to either clear-up unwanted debt or to simply send their children to school.

For whatever reason they are selecting to live the frugal way of life and by browsing www.FrugalLifestyleChampion.com you will find many valid and thought provoking reasons why living frugally today could be the routine to go!

A frugal way of life doesn’t imply that you have to do with-out items; it just simply signifies that you will likely be living a lot more cost effective way of life which in turn we believe can be an asset to you and your loved ones.

Monday through Friday (PHT) we update our blog with various methods that you can instantly use to become a frugal lifestyle champion. Though many people are frugal they don’t take into consideration the difference in being frugal vs. a frugal champion.
Frugal is just being aware of how and where to "save money" however a frugal champion is saving money, time and using resources in a manner not simply normally thought about.
Welcome to our website..... please comment and share your personal story's of how you are a frugal lifestyle champion.


  1. I don't yet have children, but once I do you can bet I will be teaching them the ways of the frugal lifestyle. At first I wasn't sure if this was the life for me, sometimes I even felt more cheap than frugal. However, after a few months of getting used to things and seeing all of the extra money I had sitting around after buying Item A for $50 instead of Item B for $75 one hundred different instances, I really began to see the power of living smart and taking care of the money you have.

  2. Live a frugal lifestyle and be a "champion"!

    Dave & Bella
    "Frugal Lifestyle Champions"

  3. I have three kids and right about now this whole being a frugal champion idea is sounding really good to me! Sign me up!!!