Monday, February 10, 2014

Secondhand / Thrift Stores ....... Your Advantage

How to Shop as a Frugal Lifestyle Champion

Use Secondhand Stores to Your Advantage

The date was approaching, I've already have the dress I wanted to wear on that special day (the OATH TAKING CEREMONY when I received my teaching degree).

Okay, so I have a dress but the "problem" is I needed a coat. The preferred attire was business attire. And I was working off a tight budget--- oh and did I mention I was on a tight budget ;-)
I can't spend much money for that occasion even though it will just happen only once in my LIFETIME.

So..... I needed a coat.

I've asked around.... in the mall and boutiques....the coat is more than $25 (OUCH)!!! Remember I was on a tight budget! What am I going to do?

A friend of mine suggested for me to look for a coat in a secondhand store. So I went there to try my luck! The BIG event will be in 24 hours!!!! I need to find that coat that will match my dress.

It was a small store with a sign outside that read: "NEW ARRIVALS"!!! I felt like I was in "heaven" walking in and seeing a large selection of dress coats!!! The feeling of finding a TREASURE... Is what I felt that very moment!!!!

You can't imagine... I bought the coat for $6 and it still has a TAG on it. It was still new!!! From then on I love going to secondhand stores!!!


You never know what "treasures" you can find in second hand /thrift stores if you will not at least look.

Be a frugal lifestyle champion!!! Going to a secondhand / thrift store is not "disgusting" or "lowering your standards" as some may have you believing.

Some of their items still have "box store" tags attached. You just need to be patient enough digging through the piles to locate the good stuff ;-)

Do you have a secondhand / thrifty store story??? Please share...we want to hear your story!!!

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